Did you know, far too often perfectly goog PC's and laptops are discarded and replaced at great expense when simple repairs or upgrades would extend their useful life.

AMBICA values your ICT investment. We understand the overall performance and efficiency of your core business is largely anchored by the performance and effectiveness of your IT systems.

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1. Computer & Laptop Repairs (All Types)

Over time, hardware/software can get outdated and perform slower than usual. We diagnose your PC and laptop’s potential hardware and software issues and resolve them at an affordable price.

2. Software Installations

Windows OS is required to use your Windows personal computer or laptop. We can perform a fresh install/reinstall (license required) to get your computer running like new again.

3. Computer Hardware Setup

We can help you assemble and set up new computer hardware for your home or business. No scope is too technical or too complicated.

4. Computer Components Upgrades

Need to upgrade your PC or Laptop’s components? Want the latest graphics card to maintain the highest possible FPS? You’re in good care with AMBICA. Our custom upgrade system designed to give you the maximum life from your computer without the stress of having a check for compatibility – we take care of all this for you!

5. Data Transfer/Clone

Have you got brand new PC that you need your data transferred to? With the help of latest tools, we can transfer your data and put your data exactly where you want.

6. Virus and Spyware removal

Malware can cripple your device, compromise your data and make you vulnerable to attack. We will scan and remove the malware while keeping the integrity of your data.

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