At AMBICA, We help your business-big or small boost productivity with efficient printer rentals that give you the true value for your money.

AMBICA printer rentals and copier leasing services focuses on reliability, expert technical support and professional installation at a very competitive monthly fee.

Our copier rental and printer leasing plans include free full service & maintenance, free toners & spare parts and monthly preventive maintenance.

Our contract period is flexible and starts from a minimum of 3 months and can be extended as per client’s needs.


1. Reliable Machines

Reliable new printers and copiers which will be regularly maintained by trained AMBICA tech professionals.

2. Competitive Price

We have the most affordable plans for our printer and copier rentals.

3. Quick Response

Our quick maintenance visit in-case of break down means low downtime for your business.

4. Genuine Parts

We only use genuine parts when servicing our printers/copiers.

Stop IT Issues from Holding Your Business Back from Growth

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